I can’t believe Carley, Sarah, and the Lutece twins are in TSW.



clem you little shit

fuck off you scrub

fuck off you scrub


It would be cool if I made a single friend this semester.

IMO the best way is joining an org.

That’s where I met mine anyway.

Kirsten Geary appreciation post 1/∞

no problem here

no problem here


oh my god. we don’t think we’ve ever seen someone so blatantly and stupidly sexist.

generally speaking with the usage of “HAWT” and “chubby” this guy is probably about 15. or a 40 year old with the mentality of a 15 year old. probably a brony too.

a fucking moron is probably too light-hearted a title for this one.

Hey if Claire Redfield can pull off pink jorts you can do anything.

From now on I’m just going to call beer “German Mouthwash.”

Verified the steam cache and apparently 531 files failed to validate.

I haven’t touched the client so idk why it’s a mess so now I’m redownloading a 40 GB game.