When people ask me why I don’t go to house parties I can say it’s not because I’m ugly, unsociable, a wet blanket, and think they’re pointless (all of which are true) it’s because this is fucking unacceptable.

That said I’m happy that the university has suspended this frat, at least for the duration of the investigation. This sort of behavior cannot be tolerated and I would’ve kicked their asses to the curb too.

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640k gallons of manure were spilled in my hometown but that’s still not the biggest load of shit I’ve ever seen.

tumblr is.

Woke up and it broke again.

Now I get to ipconfig /renew every ten fucking minutes apparently since the university can’t be fucked to get a stable web platform

It took me almost five hours to fix my connection by myself since apparently I can’t get help from anybody at the front desk at night.

Thanks. Really. Honestly. Thanks. For nothing.

It was a fucking ipconfig /renew that finally helped.

INCORRECT: You said 獎學金


I made it better.

I made it better.

(burns in hell for all eternity)

(burns in hell for all eternity)

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